Audiences for Specialised Film in English Regions

This website provides access to data from ‘Beyond the Multiplex: audiences for specialised film in English regions’. It provides various ways to examine how film audiences form around specialised and mainstream film, how people’s personal film journeys are shaped, and geographies of film exhibition provision within each of the project’s four English regions: North East, North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, and South West.

The data consists of:

  • 200 interviews with audience members in each region which explore people’s personal film journeys and how film features within people’s lives.
  • 27 interviews with film industry and policy experts which examine the challenges and concerns of people working within specialised film exhibition, distribution and investment.
  • 16 film-elicitation groups which examine the narratives and thematic components of specialised films to better understand the interpretative resources audiences bring to watching film.
  • A three-wave survey (5,071 responses in the first wave, 547 in the second, and 317 in the third) which capture patterns of film watching across the four English regions over time.
  • An analysis of 114 key film policy and industry documents which identifies policy and industry trends around specialised films.

Users can explore the research data using search, a data ontology, and data visualisations, as well as download the data to reuse and share.