The project generate various findings, several of which which have been output as the following publications and presentations/talks:



Conference talks and presentations

  • Merrington, P., Hanchard, M., Wessels, B. (2020) ‘The dynamics of audience practices: mobilities of film consumption’, Gennari, D. (Chair), Panel 7: Film audience movements and migrations: across borders and screens, Oxford Brookes University: Oxford, 07-09-Sep-2020.
  • Wessels, B., Hanchard, M. and Merrington, P. (2020) ‘Beyond the Multiplex: Audiences for Specialised film in English Regions’, in: Gregson, S. and Hope, A. (Chairs) Socials session: How researchers are using Emerald Open Research to make their findings more easily accessible and discoverable, European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) and the Society of the Social Studies of Science (4S) combined annual conference: Online. 18-21 August 2020.
  • Wessels, B., Merrington, P. and Hanchard, M. (2019) ‘Audience journeys into non-mainstream film’, Mapp, S. (Chair) This Way Up, Nottingham: Broadway cinema, 04-Dec-2019 to 04-Dec-2019.
  • Merrington, P. (2020 ‘An audience perspective…’, Gubbins, M. (Chair) Panel 1: How Can Cinemas and Streaming Platforms Co-Exist?, Europa Cinema Network annual conference, Lisbon: Corinthia Hotel, 21-24-Nov-2019.
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  • Forrest, D. (2019) ‘Slightly depressing but beautiful at the same time: National and Regional Imaginaries in Contemporary European Cinemas’, Keynote speech: Place and community colloquium, Sheffield: University of Sheffield, 24-May-2019.
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  • Forrest, D. and Hanchard, M. (2019) ‘“Through falling in love, it’s like he’s seeing this landscape, seeing that beauty…” The film worlds of God’s Own Country.’, Chair: British association of film, television, and screen studies annual conference 2019 (intersectionalities panel), Birmingham: University of Birmingham, 25-Apr-2019.
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  • Wessels, B. (2018) ‘Film and audience experiences and participation ’Film hub south west members’ Christmas meeting, Bristol: Watershed cinema, 10-Dec-2019. 
  • Yates, S., and Hanchard, M. (2019) ’Modelling socio-cultural factors in film genre: Bauman and Goldthorpe’, Liverpool film seminar series, Liverpool: University of Liverpool, 04-Mar-2019.