Work Packages

Methods of data collection and analysis are organised under the following work packages:

WP 1: Ontology Development
We will develop an ontological data model to capture, define, store and query diverse types of data about audiences in a consistent way. The ontology will be developed iteratively drawing on all the project’s data to cover the attributes of and relationships between audience participants, films, venues, digital platforms and film services and regions.

WP 2: Document Analysis of Policy and Industry Trends
There will be data collection and analysis of trade press, industry reports, policy documents, statistical reports, box office information and exhibition and distribution material, to identify policy and industry trends around specialised films.

WP3: Development of Socio-Cultural Index of Each Region
We will develop an integrated socio-cultural index of factors that impact on the formation of audiences, including quality of life indices, social, cultural and audience trends, data relating to access to film culture and digital inclusion indicators. The index will provide a rigorous basis for the comparative understanding of the audiences for specialised film against broader patterns of media consumption and socio-economic status.

WP 4: Semi-Structured Interviews with Audience Members
We will conduct semi structured interviews with audiences across the four regions to understand how people engage with film at the regional level. The interviews will explore film practices and experiences regarding taste, venues, film events, use of digital platforms, and the meanings audiences take away from specialised film. The findings will inform the design of the survey.

WP 5: Longitudinal Survey
This will have three sample points across the life of the project, working to capture patterns of audience formation at scale: demographics, cultural interests, how often they watch films, what types of films they watch, what venues and/or media they use for watching films.

WP6: Semi-Structured Interviews with Industry, Regional Providers and Policy Stakeholders
We will conduct interviews with policy makers and industry professionals to explore release and distribution strategies in line with the project’s focus on region and specialised film.

WP7: Focus Groups (Film Elicitation)
We will conduct focus groups across the regions with audiences, asking participants to focus on the narratives and thematic components of specialised films to better understand the relationship between film texts and their contexts of consumption.

WP8: Data Search, Visualisation and Analysis
Once the ontology has been designed and implemented in the form of a database, it will be necessary to develop search and visualisation tools so that the data that is added to the database can be analysed.