Explore the Ontology

Here you can explore Beyond the Multiplex’s research data by navigating the project’s data ontology. An ontology is a formal representation of the entities, concepts and relationships in a knowledge domain. The project developed an ontology to describe film and film audiences, and then used it to code entities, concepts and relationships within the interviews, surveys and film-elicitation groups. You can read more about data ontologies here.

The words and phrases in the boxes are the top-level concepts of the ontology. The figure in each box is the number of times that concept occurs throughout all of the data. Clicking on a concept will display several things:

  • A list of of sub-topics for that concept. For example, ‘Activity’ has sub-topics such as ‘Watching films’ and ‘Work’.
  • A list of relationships which might apply to that concept. For example, ‘Watching films’ has the relationship ‘Is watched with’, which in turn contains ‘Family’, ‘Friends’, etc.
  • A collection of interview quotes which reference the concept, if any exist.
  • A list of survey responses which reference the concept, if any exist.