Explore the ontology

An ontology is a formal representation of knowledge using a defined set of concepts and relationships. For Beyond the Multiplex the ontology brings together the insights contained in the surveys, interviews and film-elicitation groups.

The words and phrases in the boxes are the top level concepts of the ontology. The figure in each box is the number of times that concept occurs throughout all of the data. Clicking on a concept will display several things:

  • A list of of sub-topics for that concept. For example, ‘Activity’ has sub-topics such as “Watching films” and “Work”.
  • A list of relationships which might apply to that concept. For example, “Watching Films” has the relationship “Is watched with”, which in turn contains “Family”, “Friends” etc.
  • A collection of interview quotes which reference the concept, if any exist.
  • A list of survey responses which reference the concept, if any exist.