Search the data

Here you can search any keyword within the database or build a customised search by specifying personal details of research respondent below.

To narrow the results, use the bottom search bar and/or the infographics (such as demographics) in the right-hand side white panel to limit them to a specific aspect of the ontology.

The returned search results include relevant statistical information on the number of survey respondents relevant to the search query. These populate the infographics in the white panel. Clicking on an item within the white panel will refine the results. For example, clicking on a single bar in the bar chart will limit all shown data to reflect details about that age group only. 

Below the search bars are a set of pseudonyms. Each can be clicked on to access an interview transcript. The selection of interviewee names shown relates to the profile of people selected within the white panel. Selecting one age group from the bar chart, for example, will limit the interviewees shown to only those within the selected age group.