Search the Data

You can do a keyword search across all the dataset, and/or you can select a concept from the data ontology in order to return results in which the concept occurs. Type a word into the ontology to see what concepts are available. The results can be refined to specific datasets or socio-demographic groups.

You can search for a keyword or an ontology concept by providing either one or the other. However, if you provide a keyword and select a concept from the ontology, the two searches will be combined, i.e. search results will contain both factors.

Each search result displays a snippet, and clicking on the person’s name will take you to the full text of their transcript or survey response.

Search results include relevant statistical information on the number of survey respondents relevant to the search query. You can refine the search results further by clicking on the socio-demographic charts on the right-hand side. For example, clicking on a single bar in the ‘Age group’ bar chart will limit the search results to show data from that age group only.