Search the data

This visualisation provides a way to generate a customised search for specific words or terms within the research data and/or ontology. The results can be refined to specific datasets or socio-demographic groups.

Enter a word or term in the upper field to search for instances where it appears in all datasets. Alternatively, enter a word or term in the lower field to search within the ontology.

The returned search results include relevant statistical information on the number of survey respondents relevant to the search query. The results populate the socio-demographic charts on the right hand-side. Clicking on any aspect of a chart will refine the search results. For example, clicking on a single bar in the ‘Age group’ bar chart will limit the search results to show only data from that age group only. The search results may also be filtered by dataset on the right hand-side. 

Below the two search fields a set of pseudonyms are provided alongside socio-demographic information about that person and a quotation. Each can be clicked on to access the full transcript. The selection of participant names on-screen is generated by the search criteria and filters selected in the socio-demographic charts